A Green Utopia is possible

Teatro Maria Matos wishes to continue contributing to a more ecological future and so, from now on, it is reducing its paper consumption by 60%.

Since 2011, Teatro Maria Matos has steadily been taking steps to become a Green Theatre. For this new season, we have managed to reduce our production of printed paper by 60%.

We spent the last year questioning and rethinking our communication strategy. Special studies were made, while we also talked to our audiences and engaged in various reflections about possible alternatives. We already had a historical precedent: Teatro Maria Matos is a Green Theatre and has been devoting a substantial part of its programming to the theme of ecology through the organisation of a number of special cycles, ranging from the international conference Two Degrees – Art, Climate Change and Sustainable Development to The Three Ecologies cycle and the recent Green Archipelago, included in the Utopias cycle.
After this year spent reviewing the situation, we reached the conclusion that over 90% of our investment in communications was previously spent on the production and distribution of paper materials and that, at the same time, the digital media now provide platforms for the promotion of our activities that are just as, or even more, efficient and effective. We therefore decided to introduce into our communication strategy a priority that already ran through all of our operations at Teatro Maria Matos: to reduce our paper consumption and to seek ecological alternatives. And so the epicentre of Teatro Maria Matos’ communication activities is now a digital one.

We have begun the 2017-2018 season with a new website, where prominence is given to innovative multimedia contents, conceived together with artists, programmers and guest visitors, so that every week we can enrich the information that is provided about our creative activities. Images from behind the scenes, videos of rehearsals, or even special news reports and interviews, will all be made available on our website on a daily basis. And because the debates and reflections that we engage in do not simply end at the conferences that we present, we have also opened up a new space for dialogue and questioning: a Teatro Maria Matos podcast, which will be placed online every Monday.
The archive of everything that has ever happened at the theatre will also become a fundamental feature of the new website, providing a dynamic platform for surfing through the history of Teatro Maria Matos. Finally, the programming of events for Children and Young People will be given its own space online, being specially designed to respond to the different needs of school and family audiences.

The building that houses Teatro Maria Matos is also being renovated in order to accommodate this new digital strategy. By providing visitors with free Wi-Fi access to the Internet at any point in the theatre, we wish to invite the public to visit our new website, exploring the innovative texts, sounds and videos, and, in this way, eliminating the need for the classical information sheet printed on paper. Those who cannot live without paper, however, will continue to be able to consult our bi-monthly brochure: now produced in a smaller, greener and more sustainable format. The brochure will continue to be available at Teatro Maria Matos and at Lisbon’s different cultural venues, although it will no longer be posted directly to the homes of our loyal audiences.

We wish to continue moving towards a green utopia, but any utopia is meaningless if it is not accessible to everyone. For this reason, our new website meets the specific guidelines of accessibility that go hand in hand with the series of inclusion policies that have been introduced at Teatro Maria Matos. From its architectural space to its communication strategy, and including its programming and its dealings with the public, Teatro Maria Matos is increasingly a space where everyone is included.