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Young Audiences · Families commission mm • reprise / +5 years

Lots of luggage, little luggage. The departure for the great race

Marvila Days
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Saturday → 5pm
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30 min
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Choosing isn’t easy. And nor is choosing what to take with you on a journey. There’s always something more that we might need… All of us, at some time, have felt like taking the whole house with us! Somewhat unused to travelling, the Queridos decide to go and watch their niece Manuela taking part in a car race. But before they set off, they need to prepare their luggage. And this is where the problems begin. What should they take? Only a little luggage? Or lots of luggage? Just what’s essential? These difficult decisions can complicate the start of a journey. Just the start? That’s what we’re about to find out.



Creative Credits

artistic direction:
Catarina Requeijo

original text:
Catarina Requeijo and Inês Barahona

artistic concept:
Maria João Castelo

Catarina Requeijo

assistant stage director:
Victor Yovani

Formiga Atómica Associação Cultural, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal

Maria Remédio

José Frade