Topias Urbanas

Topias Urbanas is an opportunity to unexpectedly enter the different spaces of the urban district of Marvila. There will be three days of performances, walking tours, conversations, games and video projections, conceived by a group of artists, architects and social scientists who spent ten months in this place working closely with some of its inhabitants. Exchanging views, sharing concerns and different ways of seeing the world, they constructed a multifaceted tour through the memory and singularity of the streets, squares, allotments and neighbourhoods of this area, focusing in particular on the neighbourhoods of Marquês de Abrantes and Lóios.

Does the urban area of Marvila correspond to the ideas that we tend to form of it? How is this space lived in on a daily basis? How do its generations mix with one another? What is the present-day life of this place like, composed as it is of multiple layers from the past and various possible futures?

curatorship and project coordination: Joana Braga
creation: Ana Riscado, Joana Braga, Sofia Borges, Tânia Moreira David
field research: Ana Riscado, António Brito Guterres, Joana Braga, Sofia Borges
design: Inês Veiga
video assistance: Marianna Vas
guest artist: Gustavo Ciriaco
executive production: Ana Riscado, Joana Braga
production assistant: Mafalda Jacinto
production assistant Quintais de Chelas: Joana Pires, Raquel Botelho
curatorship and project coordination from November 2016 to February 2017: Fernanda Eugénio and Joana Braga
collaboration in the field research and co-creation from November to December 2016: Ana Dinger, Inês Veiga
support: Biblioteca Municipal de Marvila BLX – CML
production: Topias Urbanas, AND Associação de Arte e Pesquisa, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal
co-production Lisboa na Rua
commissioned by: Maria Matos Teatro Municipal
acknowledgements: Ana Rita Ricardo, Cláudia Matos, Liliana Coutinho, Paulo Silva
photos: Topias Urbanas

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Apresentação no âmbito da rede Create to Connect com o apoio do Programa Cultura da União Europeia